Sustainable, ethically made Tagua Jewelry , slow fashion jewelry made from nature. Quitting Fast Fashion and join the movement to end unethical manufacturing. Tagua Love jewelry is ethically made sustainable and responsibly-made pieces you love.

Handcrafted Jewelry


ethically made

from Tagua Nuts

Tagua nuts come from the tagua palm tree which is found predominantly in many parts of South America mainly Ecuador. The nuts are harvested sustainably without harming the trees which in turn protects the rainforest and animals. Tagua is often dyed before

What is Tagua?

Making it easy

to shop with a conscience.


Tagua Jewelry is here to stay as a sustainable, eco-friendly option! Let's all make a positive impact on the environment by helping to become a more green conscious consumer. Fashion can be responsible - you have the power in your hands 💚 Tagua Love jewelry truly is made from NATURE!


Hi, name is Karol I am the designer of TaguaLove which is inspired by my Ecuadorian roots where tagua predominantly comes from. I believe in using business as a force for good to balance profit with purpose. Creating jewelry from nature and sustainable to help solve the social and environmental challenges our world faces.

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Jewelry consciously made

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